Happy song of the day

Something a little different today.

*You might recognise it if like me you have a Netflix addiction*

It’s Scandanavian songstress Oh Land’s Speak Out Now from the show Rita (which is amazing if you haven’t seen it, highly recommend!)

Happy dancing,



LONERS UNITE! *and then quickly disband to our own personal bubbles*

Sometimes I just like to be alone. Actually…most of the time. This probably makes me a bad/unsociable person/asshole. I will apologise for this before scuttling away to my room to be on my own.

I’ve always kind of been like this though. And yes, it makes relationships hard. But it also means that I have no problem being by myself.

I saw an article once about this research project, where people can’t stand being alone in a room with nothing to do for even 10 minutes. I honestly *in a non-humblebrag way* don’t think that this would bother me. Maybe it’s because I have this never-stop-thinking brain, that chatters away constantly, thinking about any and everything, on tangents and missions of its own without my permission.

Maybe it’s just that I’m used to being by myself, but I think there’s something else as well. I think that being alone strips away the need to always ‘pretend’ in front of other people, even the ones who probably don’t care or aren’t looking.

There’s a tendency to think of being a loner as a bad thing, as someone who doesn’t play well with others, but if being alone – dancing to trashy music and having a sneaky spoonful out of the Nutella jar – prepares you for the rest of a week feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, then go for it. In fact, if you don’t think you can be alone for a day then I think you’re the weird one *though admittedly if it was a weirdness competition, I would still win because I am in a non-existent, hypothetical sort of argument right now (THAT I’M WINNING! HA!)*




My analogue brain

I’m both a pen-and-paper person and a screen junkie. I don’t know how you feel about that…neither do I really. But you can’t really be a totally analogue person in a digital world *that’s analog to my American chums*.

My point here is that even though screens and the internet are amazing and I love them, sometimes I’d like to chuck a Walden and go live in the woods where they can’t find me.

Because recently I’ve been feeling like the digital and the creative aren’t such a good match.

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Happy song of the day

Today’s pick is The Lumineer’s Ophelia.

I only came across the song the other day but its twinkling beat always seems to cheer me up when I listen to it. Forewarning, this song will make you air tambourine…which is an actual thing now I swear.

Happy tambourining,


The importance of Sadness

I would like you to know, unequivocally, that I did not cry during Pixar’s Inside Out. Did not.

*sweats nervously*


Some of you might find it odd that I, a verging on twenty-something at the time, was reduced to tears by a ‘kid’s’ film. Others who have seen a Pixar movie before will be too busy blubbering in a corner somewhere about the first five minutes of Up to set them straight. Me? I’m just here to tell you why exactly I was so deeply moved by this film.

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